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Write a Newsworthy Headline

Your resumes headline is the first thing a recruiter or hiring manager sees when sifting through resumes. Make it pop. Highlight qualities that set you apart.

Sell Yourself with a Strong Career Objective

Your objective doesn't need to be long. Think about the specific value you offer the employer and state it concisely in your career objective.

Use Numbers to Your Advantage

Numbers and concrete examples can validate your achievements. Numbers are often easier to remember than words. Use them “for key accomplishments or accountabilities.”

What were the number of people you were responsible for? What were the volume of sales that you were responsible for? How much growth occurred while you were in that position? Those kinds of numbers add a lot of credibility to the picture you're trying to paint.

Concentrate on Keywords

Think about the key skills you have, or technologies you have worked with..

Have No Mercy for Mistakes

Spelling mistakes and grammatical slip-ups do typically not go over well with hiring managers. Thoroughly check and re-check to ensure accuracy.

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